4 Best Face Washes for Oily Skin in 2021

Oily skin is one of the problems commonly faced by women particularly if you have so many daily activities. Yes, the oil is basically the accumulation of dirt and sweat hours after the last time you wash your skin.

So, what should we do to overcome this problem? Of course, it is by doing some face treatments including using facial wash. Talking about the best face wash for oily skin, everybody must have her own opinion.

However, there are some products that are really recommended since they are able to get rid of the oil for skin more effectively. So, what are they? Check them out.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

When you want to lessen the level of oil on your skin, logically, you need to use a product that does not contain oil at all. Yes, this is something which tries to offer by the Oil Free Facial Wash from Neutrogena.

Meanwhile, the ingredients applied have an ability to decrease the excess of oil on the face skin but not remove it at all. In fact, face still needs oil containing to keep it moist. Aside from that, this product is also suggested for acne skin. This is one of best salicylic acid face wash products. The Salicylic acid contained in this wash is proven to get rid of the acne as well as washing off the dark spot. To decrease the flush of acne and irritation, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is also the best answer. The ingredients that are mostly natural tend to be good for many users anyway.

There are some pros and cons of Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash.


  • It is good for oily and acne skin to lessen the excess of oil
  • The facial cleanser still remains necessary oil so that the skin is kept moist and smooth
  • It heals the irritation and flushes due to the acne.


  • Unfortunately, this oil and acne cleanser from Neutrogena is not recommended for normal and dry skin since it will make your skin dryer and even look coarse.

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser

The excess of oil tends to make your skin look awfully glossy and also dull. Particularly after the all-day-long activities, this makes you less refreshing and confident for sure. For this matter, you can choose oil face treatment package from Origins including the facial wash. The Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser is functioned to lessen the oil as well as lift the sebum in your pores.

While using it, you can feel the cold sensation. Just imagine after the tiring works and then you wash your face with this product, it feels so interesting and relaxing. Despite lessening the oil, this product from Origins is also good to prevent acne and blackheads although this is not really produced to get rid them of. Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser is good for sensitive skin as it is free from artificial dye, perfume, parafin, and petrochemical.

So, the pros and cons of this product can be described as follows:


  • The product is ultimately lessening the excess of oil on the face skin;
  • It has additional function to remove the dirt and sebum also
  • It prevent the appearance of acne and blackheads
  • Just use it, the wash is undoubtedly refreshing.


  • This is not a kind of face wash for removing acne and blackheads, just preventing them.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

Many of facial cleanser for oily skin is also with exfoliating effect like by using scrubs. Yes, oily skin is often considered needing scrubs so that the oil, dirt, and sebum can be lifted faster. That’s true but in fact, not all oily skin needs that. Exfoliating can make irritation as well even for the oily skin. Well, if you one of those women with such a problem, this cleanser from Clinique is recommended.

The formula is really soft and smooth with relaxing sensation. It contains Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin that absorbs the oil without making the skin dry. More than that, it is also functioned as a makeup remover. For skin with acne and blackheads, you can also use this product and the result is indeed good.

This prodyduct has some pros and cons for sure. Here they are.


  • This face wash is also good for oily acne prone skin.
  • It is a practical makeup remover
  • It is not irritating particularly if you have oily sensitive skin.
  • The skin feels soft and smooth but not dry after using it.


  • It depends on the users actually. However, although it is good in removing acne, it is not a kind of acne prevention. Well, it is if we rule out the fact that acne is something normal for our skin.

Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Foam

Are you looking for a kind of facial wash not only for oily skin problem but also removing makeup? If yes, Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Foam is what you need to have. Yes, after having party or working, you don’t need to clean your face with cleanser and toner anyway when you already have this product. Just directly use it and the result is satisfying. This cleanser is formulated with light and soft foam. Meanwhile, there is glutei acid containing to control the excess of oil. You must not worry about other problems related to the oil like dirt, sebum, acne, and blackheads. Yes, this product is also effective to remove and prevent them to appear. Eau Themale Avene Cleansing Foam also has Avene Thermal Spring Water, a containing especially created by Eau Themale Avene. This ingredient gives sensation to relax and refresh the skin.

Then, here are the pros and cons of Eau Thermae Avene Cleansing Foam:


  • It is effective to remove the excess of oil
  • You can use it to get rid of acne and blackheads also
  • It is greatly functioned as makeup remover. Thanks to Avene Themale Spring Water that makes the skin feel more relaxed and refreshed.


  • This product is definitely produced for oily skin. If your skin is normal to dry, it is not really recommended for the dryer effect.

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